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Glad you sorted it Pete.
I use TSX, PME with tpoint and camera addon for all my auto callibration runs, personaly i would say it works flawlesly for me, it just works as it is designed to. Plate solves in a matter of seconds and will complete 650 points in a few short hours. Thanks to Software Bisque. Make sure before you start a new run, and syncing on an image link (as said before), you delete the syncronisation history in TSX.
I have noticed than when Pollar aligning, getting down to 30" of error in PA from the refracted pole for your location, the PA report will move to and fro after trying to improve on that figure. I believe there is a lot to be said for a single large (150 point) tpoint run at this stage, and then only moving ALT / AZI, half the recomended movement. The question is, is it worth getting any better?


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