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Some nights you are the windscreen... - Plate solving

and others you are the bug.

Last night I was the bug.

I've been struggling with guiding/flexure/collimation issues this week - posted elsewhere - again, eggy stars. Nothing I tried worked.

Oh well, best then refine my PA as its been a bit off. So started a TPoint run to check my adjustments. Would TSX plate solve - No!

Does anyone else find plate solving in TSX temperamental? Last week it wouldn't solve anything. I changed settings, dense images, simple images with only a few stars. Nothing.

Next day, load an image - BLAM instantly solved. Ran a 170 point session of auto calibration without any problems. Each image solved between 5 - 15 seconds.

This week - it wouldn't play again. Restart TSX after restarting the computer and it all runs smoothly. Last night, there was nothing I could do to coax it into solving anything.

All of this with no change to any settings. Same stock images.

Has anyone else seen this?


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