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Originally Posted by rally View Post
Like Rob said !
Sure you cant use the 2x2 binned subs ?

Its quite normal to 2x2 bin the RGB and just do L at 1x1
If so, it may just mean you need to reacquire the L's but not everything else.

I don't think so Rally. If could probably upsize and get the bayer matrix colours right, I'm still down on resolution. They're still sitting in the recycle bin so if I get some time I might pull them out and see how it goes. If I can get it I could use what I'm doing now as a false Lum and then add them as a chromiance (?). not sure if that's a word or not I'll see how I go.

Originally Posted by silv View Post
can't help it - I'd only want to see the words you made up, anyway
I would silv, but unfortunately half the letters I used in the words don't appear on a standard keyboard
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