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I've heard good things about Perth Zoo, never been to Perth, not a bad idea for a holiday methinks. I've bought from quality camera before (albeit small stuff) - excellent service, and prices. Items well packed and delivered fast. Pleasure to deal with. And, as you mentioned, non grey market too. For lenses it doesn't really matter (at least with Canon), as they get a world wide warranty, but for bodies, non grey is important.

Thanks for the kind words on my site - anything in particular tickle your fancy? I want to do more birding and motorsport, but until I get a car, it's a no-no. I'm that angry with Canon that I've hardly been touching my Mark IIn, and I've lost a lot of the enjoyment in photography. Have just joined the Ipswich photography club though, and a mate from work is getting me (slowly) back into the hobby.

That D700 is a cracking camera, especially for the price. I'd really like a D3, it's such a nice camera to use.

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