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Originally Posted by leon View Post
You did well then Alex, it is a wonder they actually took it back at all after you cut the wires.
Did they actually see that ?

I told them that I cut the wire to solder it into the regulator that I purchased from them.
I did indicate that I was into astro photography and went away for that and the panel let me down, then I lied and said that I had to drive 100 klms and buy a genny for $650 ...that is so unlike me.. but I was trying to communicate that I was prepared to take it to anther level...still I lie and heck do I now feel bad...I think I will go up and tell them I lied and get that fixed.. doinf the wrong thing causes more damage than its worth. .. I was trying to build a little tention. . So I lied more and added ...Yes lucky I was a long way away and have had time to cool down...and yet that was not a lie in reflection...I do think that I was rather angry that it did not work particulary taking so much time to set it all up...then have to pull it apart to trace the fault..I started at the wrong end you see..thinking my wiring was the problem ...the panel was the last on the should have been first but the the Suns out so you expect something..volt wise.. so wiring pull it apart.

And it would not have taken much to push me over the edge...thank goodness somehow people can see it...that character even frightens me...anyways that saw it my way is the bottom line...I want it replaced I didnt have to say it after my first words..although U did say I would be happy to repair...He proded the electronics under the and determined it was a blown diode and looked up as if to say we can fix it now and I looked back with I want it replaced radiating out into the room.

They had another as I said but the replacement its great
..carry bag real handy..the other thing I had to wrap in a sheet...all the leads, bull dog clips or terminal connectors , 5 meter lead, niffy stand it up arrangement. Excellent lookinh regulator unit.
So although it went wrong finally I am way ahead.

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