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Originally Posted by rcheshire View Post
Hi Jay. I picked up two disks of white/pearl and frost 3mm acrylic at the local Plexiglass fabricators.I found the spectrum dominated by green, though. This seems typical of acrylic sheet and used shoe polish/dye to bias the spectrum, based on reading I had done on the subject - not the boot polish, that was my idea. Rub on and polish off to nothing - it worked, providing more blue and red than green.

I guess it depends on the design. Whether you are using LED's or EL panel which tends toward blue. A slim design is an EL panel with diffuser.

Grabbed a defuser of a light from bunnings sunday for my first go (nothing else open
) it was 3mm pearl pexil, but at a very high cost haha considering i dint want the whole lamp shade.

Looks like ill be going the EL panel route, have a old 17" for the doner once i get it figured out. Started on a light box and wasn't happy with the defuser doing a even job (4 touch bulbs), lol just set my 48" LCD to a white background on the HTPC and stuck the plexiglass against it and the results were great. Cheers on the spectrum info, i came across and article the other day about editing flats to fix using the old glob method. It's just a shame i wasted so much time on a constructing the lightbox only to not be happy with the results, lol it looks to good to waste.

Originally Posted by Shano592 View Post
I used pearl acrylic 3mm for mine. I placed my LEDs around this, on the inside of sealed section of the box. Seems to give really even light coverage.
Have used tested this in FITs lib ect? wouldn't mind hearing results More worried about center being dull and edges going light dark ect, maybe i'am to picky lol, its what sort have left me trying the oldschool design.
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