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Originally Posted by Tilt View Post
Thanks for the feedback guys, I'll look into getting a LPS-P48.

Just out of interest when you use the LPS filter, how long can your subs be? Can you take 600sec without skyglow problems?
Plenty of good info and example images on IIS - would be worth checking these out Michael. A lot of these link back into each other I expect - apologies if duplicates - just thrown together from a quick search.

I've tend to shoot mainly ISO 800 3min subs from the city (I'm 7km from centre of Bris Vegas), but lately been trying 5 mins and seems ok. I keep meaning to quantitate the Signal:Noise for different sub lengths, but haven't got around to it. Rosette from city wasn't too bad lately with 5 min subs (see Deep space image forum if interested). I would normally do 5 or 10min subs from a dark sky site with my setup.

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