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Your idea is correct Leon. You can have too much signal. Depending on location, TV transmission can have nestled amongst the band 4G signal also.

You can get an TV signal attenuator for the TV, and/or a 4G signal filter. Both are less than $20 each from Bunnings. This is the less scientific, more experimental approach.

Alternatively, you could look up transmission tower locations on the ACMA website. Check what is being pushed into the local airspace.

You could weaken the signal by throwing something disruptive over the antenna. If it's directional, nudge it off target a little. Even moving the caravan behind a shed can do it.

Your situation will change when you move, but in any case, the ACMA towers map will inform you what is transmitted from where.

Does your horrid 4G internet get better on these clear nights?

Edit: some not bad reading here:

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