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In my case the problems were mechanical .
1. Cone error and making sure the optical axis matches the mount axis
2. Tighten up loose fittings such as the puck . Give the whole thing a rattle and see.
3. Make sure there is no play in the worm drive, particularly dec
4. Setting the right numbers , focal length , for a large number of steps in the calibration
and a large correction allowed for guiding. Makes the numbers high enough to work.
5. Balance the scope on the mount perfectly.

I do not think the orthorganality warning is much of a guide and anything below 12 degrees is good.

After that things were great with less than 0.6 error all night but if things are going to go wrong they will go wrong with high invisible cloud, poor focus of the guide scope or OAG , loose guide camera cabling and in the West.
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