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Hi David,

My cloud sensor is linked into Voyager as a Weather device directly and as an Observing conditions device using the generic driver I linked in an earlier post. You can also link as a Safety Monitor however I've not done that.

The Weather device outputs 4 states (each) for Cloud, Wind, Rain and Light in a standard format in a .txt file. Voyager periodically reads that file and you can configure how it acts under each state.

If you set it to suspend, Voyager stops what it is doing at any stage in the script and executes the steps in the suspend event. You can configure how long it sits in suspend before attempting a restart from where it left off however if the condition that caused it to enter suspend still exists it remains in suspend. You can also configure it to completely give up using the Exit state.

The observing conditions bit just displays the info from the weather device on the Voyager window and I guess gives you access to this info if you want to use it for decision making in the script.
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