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Originally Posted by peter_4059 View Post
Hi David,

Here is a text copy of my script. I can send you the actual Voyager .vos file if you want to play with it in the dragscript editor.

Also if you want to have a go at building an Arduino cloud/rain sensor I'm happy to share what I've done.
Thanks for that Peter - finally got a chance to look through . I'm no programmer, but after what I learnt recently programming an Arduino, I think I can follow the logic of most of the code.

I'd like to see what options you have enabled in your sequences to fit in with the autofocus & guiding initialisations in this script. I'm still working out the significance of each of the options in the tabs at the bottom of the sequence window.

Is this script integrated with your arduino weather sensor? Specifically, if the sensor detects "cloud" does it put the rig into a holding pattern?

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