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Originally Posted by DavidTrap View Post
Thanks Peter,

Iíll have a read of the script and see if I can work it out!

Iíve flicked through your thread about a cloud/rain sensor. How do you interface the arduino into voyager? If your cloud/rain sensor goes off, how does it notify you to close the roof?


The cloud rain sensor is just an Arduino controller with the sensors connected to it. For cloud I use ambient temp, sky temp and relative humidity in my model. For rain I have a simple rain sensor. I also have a bunch of other sensors connected just because I could

The Arduino code simply sends the raw sensor readings every 5 seconds via USB to the PC that is controlling everything (including running Voyager). I've written a form app that runs on that pc and takes the feed from the Arduino. That app does all the calcs and formatting to output the data on a window I've built, and also write a .txt file the same way the Boltwood devices do. There is a generic ASCOM driver that looks for that .txt file and makes the info available via an ASCOM standard approach to Voyager or any other Astro orchestration app that can input weather data (eg SGP etc).

Depending on the level of automation you have, Voyager can act on that info to close the roof or in my case where the roof is manual I've set up an alarm in my app that sounds on the PC in the house (Teamviewer connection) that will hopefully wake me up.

Voyager also has a function that can send notifications to your phone via Telegram and I could also do this direct from my app however I haven't got around to configuring that bit yet.
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