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Well, for a start, your 40D has a lot more pixels than the DSI II Pro, hence a better resolution. Mono with filters/wheel would be better unless you don't want to fiddle around with these, then the OSC version would suffice. I would still use an autoguider and scope cause it's better to not trust the DSI to accurately guide and take pics as well. Drizzle is good, but I'd still use registax (or whatever you use) to stack and align your pics. Whilst the DSI is an OK little camera, I'd rather get a DMK or DBK. I would use both, the 40D and the DSI, for imaging but I'd be inclined to use the 40D mostly for imaging and the DSI for guiding.

I suppose for $599 (imager, fan/bracket, filter wheel and filters) it's worth the purchase. You won't get it for that price again.
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