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Originally Posted by Spartacus View Post
Hi Chris, just noticed this thread, must have missed it before in Feb 2018. Good choice on the CEM120. It should do everything you want but is a bit heavy compared to equivalent AP mounts. Great value.
On a different note (and the main reason for posting) if you are still looking for an Astrophysics mount I can at least confirm that (AP1100) it works well with KStars/Indi/EKOS. Using the Indi Astrophysics experimental driver I had no problems with connecting and using the mount with Indi/EKOS. The only quirky thing was that it insisted on parking with the DEC at 90 degrees to the usual pole pointing park (Park 3). I just had to accept it and set up at this position which is easy as there are alignment marks for this position.
So if you do get a Mach 1 or AP 900 to complement your CEM120 etc your Linux set up will work well.
I have no experience with the CEM120 and linux (KStars) but driver support is there and lots of help on line in the INDI support forums.
Thanks Mike.

I forgot to mention that I changed my mind a bit from the original post. The CEM120 is staying in the observatory and won't go mobile at all - it's going to be far too heavy for that for me. I think for now if I go mobile I'll be doing some wide-field stuff only and not lugging around much gear. At the most I'll take my G11 out.

I had read of people using AP under INDI hence it was on my original list. Assuming all goes well with this mount, the next likely upgrades will be around either scopes or cameras. So, probably no AP anywhere in my future - for a very long time if at all.

I've obviously yet to check this, but my understanding is that iOptron mounts have a similar command set, so the INDI driver should be fine given there's a fair amount of use for the other mounts out there.
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