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Good review Slawomir.

I am surprised the well depth is 23K at low gain. Can you change the gain on these QSI cameras in software?

The read noise is really low, that's great.

If you are not subtracting darks wouldn't it be better to simply use the cooler at 100%?

The theory of not using 100% cooling I thought was to keep the temperature regulated to match darks.

Its lucky I suppose that the camera is clean early as -10C is kind of weak cooling for a CCD. I guess I am used to FLI where -35C becomes usual but then the Starlight Expres Trius 694 cools to 45C below ambient (slightly optimistic in my use, more like 40-42C reliably).

Can you say more about the filter wheel and OAG? Is it hard to focus the OAG?

One issue I have with cameras in general is I get tired of connectivity issues when you have multiple components. It started in my SBIG days where the camera would take 10 seconds to connect as it downloaded the driver every time you started it up. I take it QSI is the same as FLI, Apogee and SX in this regard that the driver is in the on board memory of the camera? I like instant connection as I used to hate waiting 10 seconds and then it often fail and then chase down why. 10 seconds sounds stupid but its these little lags that can be irritating operating electronics.

Having a combined filter wheel and OAG in one package that connects as a unit with one click is very appealing. Its just 2 things that are no longer likely to cause you a problem (filter wheel and OAG).

I wish FLI integrated a filter wheel and OAG. Its the idea started with the SBIG STL that was so useful and convenient.

I notice QSI images are often very good. Its hard to pick one over the other with the QSI 683 Wsg 8 being so popular. I think the usual reason for chosing that over the 690 or 660 is the wider field of view.

QSI though have had some quality issues. Over at the QSI Yahoo Group there have been multiple posts about filter wheel going out of alignment, or amp glows on the 683 or artifacts. Is Kevin still running the show there or is he out? It seemed like he was the guy and if he isn't there anymore can the new guys do as good a job as he does?

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