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I have a Stellarvue ED80 Night Hawk Next Generation and I love it. I am fortunate to have received a hand picked lens from Vic Maris himself. The build quality is awsome and the optical quality is also right up there. Each scope is personally checked before despatch, no need to worry about having a lemon land on the door step. There's nothing better than a hand made feel and a production number to match.
It will be difficult for you to find the real glass type for SV scopes as SV plays their cards close to their chest for competition reasons, but I can tell you, it's the best around,.....and respecting SV's practises, I am not prepared to devulge that info here. This info is out there somewhere on the www.
With my scope there is no discernable CA on bright objects, I use it for visual and photographic purposes. The NHNG is a doublet, imagine how a triplet would perform??? The Oz distributor for SV is Peter Read from SDM Telescopes. Give him a call, very helpful and informative. I will never part with my SV......
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