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David, I will take a look at that.


Standard histo stretch but not much given that I am pushing high back ground ADU on all my colours.

I have tried adding Ha in CCDstack as Lum or in combination with Lum at around 40-50%. I have also tried adding it as luminosity in Photoshop and have tried a double luminosity layering too. Each time pink is the nebulosity colour or going too plastic. When I am using Ha Lum I am using it as no greater than 50% as directed by Rob Gendler.

I know about the white point clipping as I am trying to push the blue and Green and reduce the red to have a balanced impact on the colour. I don't agree with having to deal with the size in stars. This is a common point that many imagers get hooked up on. Halo colours are present in all Ha added images that I have seen across the internet.

So how do I prevent the pink?
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