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Originally Posted by xelasnave View Post
Hey TDU I loved your site, spent a long time looking at everything you have there ...and everyone I meet gets told about your version of a car alarm .
It saddens me to hear than a man with your talents and ability to influence career choices for kids gets the old insurance story. We have the cry go out we need more scientists what can we do..Well you on a National tour would see Universities turning would be scientists away because of the numbers you would create. .... My daughter canít go to horse riding anymore because the lady running it could not meet the unreasonable demands regarding insurance. ....Alex
In fact I believe I was being charged "pony club" rates. But the risk of injury including spinal and head injury is very significant in horse riding. I know because I have seen the results of them. I have even treated a chest injury in a friend who was an experienced rider. Tesla coils are noisy and not approachable when running so risks are small. Sadly 9/11 changed insurance and reinsurance costs everywhere.

I am not out to change the world of science education (today anyway) but certainly Tesla coils are dramatic science and really create an impression on young kids. They are a little frowned upon I think in science education but maybe that is because they do require expertise in high voltage so are not readily available.

Today I am hiring a car (I don't own one) and will try to complete the takes for a video of the "Tesladownunder's Car Theft Prevention" setup. I want to make a little humorous clip but this will be my first time using video editing software so results won't be Spielberg by any means. If it works though, it should be very popular on YouTube. Certainly the 50K hits to my site and perhaps 500K views from the hundreds of sites that have that picture shows it has a lot of appeal.
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