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Hey TDU I loved your site, spent a long time looking at everything you have there ..Fantastic work and play all in one.. Congratulations ...and everyone I meet gets told about your version of a car alarm .
It saddens me to hear than a man with your talents and ability to influence career choices for kids gets the old insurance story. We have the cry go out we need more scientists what can we do..Well you on a National tour would see Universities turning would be scientists away because of the numbers you would create. When I was a kid in a small country town (Junee) we had some guys come by with a science show.. I was hooked and it was only the absence of Maths 1 and Maths 2 (a blunder by our school system I will never forgive) prevented me going into science as a career choice.
Dam lawyers with wining unreasonable claims for compensation (only ever thought about such litigation because of the pools of cash available in the insurance companyís bank) (why do you rob banks ..cause thatís where the money is kept.. )They have made it so hard for many to simplly follow the simplest of plans. My daughter canít go to horse riding anymore because the lady running it could not meet the unreasonable demands regarding insurance. Geez if there were no insurance funds and we had to look after ourselves and take the hard knocks where would we be... in a world that lawyers drive VW's I guess .
all the best I salute your creativeness .
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