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Originally Posted by Logieberra View Post
The amateur tends to operate smaller mounts, no? The thermal properties of CF aside (a subject best left for the science types on here), if a truss tube shaves even a few KG off the end weight, great!

Below - the same 12" RC mirrors - truss vs. closed tube.
Im using a 10" GSO RC at the moment and it has an aluminium tube. To be honest I dont think that a CF tube would offer any advantage to me as the fans equilibrate the scope to ambient temp quickly and since Im running SG Pro to refocus the scope at every 1 degree C in temperature change what would be the point except in weight saving.
But looking at the image of the 10" truss scope, there is some seriously thick Al plates there that I would be surprised if there was a real weight advantage. Even the weight of the 12' scope in tube or truss form is the same. And since there is no CF tube for the 12' it would be a toss up between the two and depend on what characteristics you are after in an OTA.
Interesting times ATM.
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