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I have the 11" edgdehd, but cant use it anymore (dont ask) . its a beast to handle physically, not just weight but its bulky shape and lack of good hand holds makes it somewhat stressfult o try to attach to a mount for fear of dropping. I never used hyperstar and only ever imaged planets with the old Toucam occassionally. Was mainly a visual setup for me and optically its just superb, couldn't fault its optics but the eyepiece it came with is crap ( I had baader hyperions that I used instead). It has a mirror lock, I replaced my focuser with a feathertouch (essential) and it has built in cooling vents with maybe fans, cant recall. Anyway it still needed a lot of cooldown I found. Also gets condensation easily so I added heated belt around the front. I also needed me to balance it at the position it would be for imaging otherwise it would drift. Cant really help with advice its the best ota i've ever looked through and pricey but worth the cost? i have nothing to compare to, everythin else i owe has dissatissfying optics and always overprised in aussieland. oh and the 11" isn't long enough, jupiter is still depressingly small, i want it in my face dammit!
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