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A Question on Lightning Triggers

Hi guys, I have a question on the use of a lightning trigger for my Canon 5D.
At the moment i just use a bulb setting, put my timer on about 7-8 seconds @ F/11 and 200 ISO, this is for night time stuff and if one happens to land in front of the lens during that time it is captured,

However i tend to use up a lot of frames as the camera just runs continuously on that setting.

As I understand it a Lightning Trigger opens the shutter at the time the strike appears.

The question is this, if a strike appears and sets off the trigger will it open for the set time that i have set my camera at, or will it just do a one off opening and then close.

In other words, will it open the shutter for the 7 or 8 seconds that i have my timer on.

Many lightning strikes last longer than a split second, so i figured if it only open briefly that closed again one could lose have the strike.

Some response on this would be much appreciated, thank you

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