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Originally Posted by pvelez View Post
I assume that once you have the position right you slide the RGB/K slider back to bring up the background correct?
Yes, I just push the slider to the right so I can clearly see the area where halo reduction is happening. Once I have the size right I pull the slider back to adjust the amount of reduction.

I also assume that you need to apply this script after you have done a STF stretch and applied it to the Histogram Transform. Otherwise I you don't see the detail in the stretched preview. Is that right?
Yes, I apply the script after stretching.

I do have odd corners. The preview window is quite small and square. When I set the halo radius - the first slider - I can get it to cover the whole preview. So when I am done, I have black corners being the areas of the preview window that are not covered by the halo.

Am I missing something?
I'm not sure I understand, Pete. The preview window in the script dialog is usually a wide rectangle with scroll bars. I've never seen the script modify the image outside the selected halo area (assuming that's what you mean by black corners). Are you using PI 1.7 or the new 1.8 RC?

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