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I can't recall seeing a tutorial anywhere but I have had some success with the StarHaloReducer script. The main trick I found is that it takes a while to recompute and redraw the preview after you change settings. If you don't realise that it is easy to keep tweaking while that is going on and get very confused about cause and effect!

I have also had some success building masks and using them to desaturate coloured halos:
  • Create a star mask with parameters set to mask larger stars
  • Clone a copy
  • Use Morphological Transformation to grow the stars in one copy (to cover halos) and shrink them a little in the other
  • Combine with PixelMath to make donut shapes that fit the halos (CloneStamp to remove the ones that don't need halo reduction)
  • Blur, apply and desaturate

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