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Yeah...thought it might be a problem with battery amperage, but it's most likely the old ports on the lappie, since you had no probs with the USB 2.0 ports on the desktop.

My netbook is all USB2. As I said, it does run. Just weird on the driver installation.
XP, Vista and such are like that with some installations. Most of the time it'll recognise that you've previously loaded software for a device and will detect it when you change ports, however for some installations it'll only recognise the one port (since they all have different memory addresses) and when you stick your device into another, it can't detect the software you've previously loaded. So it asks you for software. You could manually change the HKEY values in the registry to point the device at the software's location, and also add the appropriate USB port numbers, but you'd have to know what you're doing otherwise you may make the problem worse!!!!.
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