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Buying a new camera..

Hi guys, I'm currently in the process of buying myself a new camera, sort of as a present for finishing my VCE studies this year I would want to use the new camera in main for astrophotography. I've had the Canon Powershot A75 for a number of years now and it has served me exceptionally well, but I now wish to step up.

Through being a keen reader around these forums, I can see the Canon 350D is very popular. However, I went into the city the other day and went to four stores...Michael's, Camera house, some Kodak shop and JB. None of them sold the 350D because they said it was discontinued and they all immediately attempted to sell me the new Canon 400D...which is just outside my price range...

I'm looking for a camera that has the bulb setting for exposures, but can somebody fully explain to me how the bulb feature works? Can you take an all night exposure using the bulb feature?

At camera house, the guy also recommended the Olympus E-500 and Nikon K-100 as good value for money, but I wish to continue with the Canon's after the success with the A75..

Is there anywhere I can buy the 350D (not using green guide ) or should I go with the E-500 or K-100...or pay the extra $$$ for a 400D?

Any help is much appreciated
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