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Hi Gav,

First.....I know very little about steppers and drivers.

The 2" pillow block mount I'm still building has a Byers 359 tooth 10" gear. I ordered it with a stepper motor. I sent details of gear and stepper (which is a Hurst and the same as the Losmandy G 11) to AWR Tech in the UK.

Alan Buckman from AWR built the controller to work with the stepper I had.

The hand control is a stand alone box that has RA and Dec leads. The Dec works with a G 11 Hurst Stepper, same as the RA motor.

Alan has been around for a long time and has vast amounts of know how about telescope drives. The AWR controller I bought does what it's meant to do, and cost 190 UK Pounds. Send an email with details of what you have and want to do. I rang Alan too....very helpful gentleman

The Losmandy drives are for 360 teeth gears and are a coupling thing.

Here is the AWR tech link

Hope this is of some help to you...It was my solution to much the same problem you have. Electronics is another world to me

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