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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
Hi again Rod. went back and found some data where I had used a synthetic flat. The summary image shows an original sub, the synthetic flat from DBE and the calibrated sub, all with similar stretch. Not perfect, but the method does the job OK if you don't have flats and need them - but of course it doesn't correct for pixel-scale sensitivity variations.
Hi Ray, Thanks for the support! From your images attached I can see it works well. I have been working on it, last night I took a new batch of darks which are a much closer match to the light subs. I'll start again from the calibration of the light sub that I'm using for the flat generation and go from there tonight.

One thing I did notice is when I used the BPP script, the lights were over corrected but when I used the Image Cal tool on a single image the correction of vignetting was much better, although the image seemed to be a lot noisier?

I have 180 light subs which I want to drizzle , so I want to get this right before I put them all in PI. It takes a while on my PC to crunch through the subs.

Thanks again for your assistance

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