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A little more sleuthing with my AVO meter points the finger at my main PSU. This is (I should say was) a Jaycar model MP3096 13.8 DC regulated power supply - a transformer type not a switched mode unit. This was selected specifically to match the Gemini.

Unforunately it seems to be faulty.

The +ve terminal is 13.8V above the negative which you would hope BUT the -ve terminal is nearly double that (24.7V) below the case for some reason I cannot fathom it may always have been like that. This voltage is the same as I meased between my laptop's 0V (on the USB shell) and the 0V point on the camera power line - almost certainly the casue of the smoked PCB, I guess Iwas lucky not to do this earlier - the discharge path must be dependant on the device connection or power up order.

I am going to buy a new PS - obviously - so I am looking for a recommendation or two please for units to use with a Gemini (v1)...

Will still go for isolation as well if it works - belt and braces for me!

My other PS does not exhibit
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