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DMK and surrounding

Hi Iceman and Matty,
thx for your kind words.
I visited your nice galleries too.
Yes i know that the DMK is superior mainly for the absence of the Bayer mask of course.
That means almost double sensitivity and nearly double definition...and that is really important!

I'm lazy and since i began with a Toucam Pro i remember how easy it was to do color. Direct color always fascinated me LOL...
My first attempts to RGB with DMK are pretty bad and i placed a bookmark on the article about making RGB images that i found here in Icespace. I'll study it carefully.
I have a little ATIK filter-wheel and a set of Baader R G B + IR.
I know that they are entry level filters but i guess that if those filters are used by a RGB expert he could get decent results. Isn't it?

Any suggestion i well accepted...

Thx and regards

PS: unfortunately i must forget jupiter for one year or two...
Currently it raise to 20 or so.
Very difficult to do decent images.
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