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Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
Thanks for that Clive - a very useful resource and points out how good your 3200 is.
Your welcome.

A couple of points though;
I am not sure that Christian Buil actually states that he measured the QE of the Sony chip relative to the Kodaks, he may have been relying on a third party. Be that as it may, some things really stand out; the low noise of the Sony chip enables it to achieve the highest ratings in the group despite its relatively shallow well depth. Even if the published QE figures were somewhat in error, it would still be amongst the best in its class. This probably needs some qualifiers, but for the application you are going to use it for this is unlikely going to be an issue.
Also, there appears to be some variation in the performance of cameras fitted with ICX694 chips and whether you bin them or not. (which implicitly negates the well depth limitations of the chip at the expense of over(?) sampling)

As for my 3200... ahh well, I find myself spoilt for choice.
I now have an FLI IMG6303 to play with so the ST10 is somewhat redundant.
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