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Hi folks.
thanks again for all of the input. I entirely agree - and hats off to you DSLR astrophotographers. I thought it was easy, and I have experienced nothing but disappointment thus far really. Greg - you are right - I would be hard pushed to produce images that had this kind of aberration - ask Mark Bolton who witnessed my AIC talk. He will testify to that. That said, I am very keen to image the Milky Way, and see no other way to do it other than huge mosaics. I will certainly persevere with the 50mm Lens at f4.5 and now go ahead and do RGB to see what turns out. Of course - I have to implement a focus solution now.

Anyway - just for kicks, I put on my 'mistake' purchase - the Canon 85mm regular lens i.e non-L.

Below is a link to that image - 30 minutes, Ha, ST8300, at f4.5.
Look past the noise and I accept that there is something not quite right - take a look at the top left and compare it to the top right. HOWEVER! If I was on a budget, I would be buying the $385 85mm lens, and not the $1600 50mm L lens when you look at this result.


Here is the direct comparison to the same field with the 50mm lens.

Phil - you asked for a sample of the 550D. Link below, taken with the 50mm lens also at f4.5. Shockingly bad.


This was a single 30 second image at ISO1600 I think.

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