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Thankyou all for the encouraging comments, makes the tedious capture proccess easier to bear.

As for standing on one leg and balancing on the edge it sure felt that way sometimes Chris.
I'm just glad possums don't pick up language like parrots do, the local ones would make even Gordon Ramsey blush.

Really liking this Movrec software for Moon/planet capture.
5x zoom gives 768x800 at 9 fps on the old Sony laptop, not an enormous frame rate but better than the 40D's high speed burst with greater sustain.

Tornado, one tip I can give is make sure your liveview display is set to simulate exposure as it appears to screen capture so what you see is what you get.

I've been really struggling with Registax without much success so I gave AviStack a try, so much easier to use with excellent results, IMO anyway.

Thought I might setup about the same time tonight and try for a GRS capture.
And if I could balance the 10" on the chair I'd only need a 2x barlow and much shorter exposure...hmmm.

Somebody get me a rubber room!!!
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