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This is also my thinking avandonk. Shooting Ha for example will only saturate the red pixels giving you 25% of the available well space as the matrix is GGBR as you say.

My original thinking was that you would need to shoot 4 times longer to fill the wells, but in reality you are only filling one out of 4 wells so you can shoot for the same exposure time and only fill one of the 4 wells resulting in a lot less data than with a normal RBG image.

Of course shooting more images in the other bands makes up the discrepency.

With a non modified camera however, your normal 10minute exposure would have to be 40 minutes to make up for the standard filter and that would not be feasable. I doubt my mount could do a 40 minute exposure without error. In fact I can't do a 10 minute exposure without error when pointing north.
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