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Originally Posted by Joshua Bunn View Post
Well, I guess you could see what happens if you shine a laser down your scope onto the chip. While at the same time rotsting the camerawith a rotator if you have one. If you shine down on axis, it should come straight back on itself I'm thinking. If tilt was present , it wound reflect back, but not on the same path.

I'm not sure if a laser would damage the CCDthough
Lasers can damage mirrorless camera sensor so perhaps they might. I have read about laser damage on a camera sensor on DP Review Of course there are different strengths of lasers but I would not shine a laser onto your sensor just in case.

Too much of a risk.

Also if it is only testing the sensor then that is unlikely to handle the problem. I don't know how often sensors are tilted but none of the cameras I have had showed that. It was in the whole system, adapters etc.

I don't see it as a problem needing to be solved. It does not take long once you are used to it to adjust for tilt at night.

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