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Hi Glen,
I think my focuser was more meant to visual observations from the earlier owner of the telescope, that's why it don't have rack and pinion. I normally do most of my repair myselfe, in this case it looks that it's not a repair that's needed, more a modification.

I built my own motor focuser system from USB-Focus, that let med get it more compact with less protruding details. I can't see why my mounting holes should cause problem, was it something special you had in mind?

I have got answer from TS Germany, they have the press bearing and steel plate as spare parts. But I think even if I buy that parts new I will get in the same slip problems.

Now I'm eager to test if the fix I did make it work, just waiting for a clear sky. Outdoor tests is different from indoors test.

By the way, I constructed a Depth of Focus web calculator:

Good to find what distances needed when design the gearbox. I have 1.7 micrometer per step for a f/7 instrument. I could have much bigger steps, but the focuser draw tube is only 100 mm long and the digital range 64000 steps, or maybe half if doing half steps.

Thanks for the comment!


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