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Had another go with the Aldi telescope last night with Jupiter higher in the sky.

20mm eyepeice and a 2x Barlow lens gave me the best crisp views of Jupiter and Moons - thats only 35x magnification. Jupiter was a well focussed discrete disc and the moons were tiny specks bu clearly visible.

The image from the 4mm eyepiece wasnt quite so clearly defined and 4mm plus 2x Barlow was hopeless - unable to focus the basic disc with any degree of clarity - it was always just a white blob.

So final verdict - $50 75mm x 350mm telescope has been fabulous for this newbie to see the moon + craters and then Jupiter and its moons.

The optics not good enough to see the bands and the red spot - but that doesnt matter am still chuffed.

I suspect that a single decent quality eyepiece for a quality scope would cost twice as much as what I paid for this entire scope and eyepieces.

Thanks for the many responses and clarifications to my understandings.

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