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Originally Posted by AussieBill View Post
Thanks Astro,

Thats very helpful and will have another go tonight - too cloudy last night.


Astro Said : "I then tried a 7mm T6 Nagler (51x) with and without the Planetary filter. The GRS was small but just visible with and without filter but again it was only there in moments of good seeing and was very tiny and if I had not know that it was there I may not have identified it at this power. The two equatorial bands were easy at this power and the north polar region was more grey and less bright than the south polar region. The image was noticeably larger than at 40x. In fact each 10x power jump makes for a noticeable and significant image size jump. Especially between 40x, 51x, 60x, 72x."
Originally Posted by mental4astro View Post

Brilliant report mate!

Thanks for taking the time to actually do this, The forecast for the this week in Sydney is terrible, and I have no idea when I'll be able to get any scope time, so it is fantastic that you should do this. It is excellent that you saw the details that you did, as it shows what a good small instrument is capable of doing with good eyepieces. Blooming good benchmark
No worries guys. I'm enjoying my morning observing sessions and was limiting them the the weekend but a 1/2 hour session before heading off to work is great. I find I'm too tired in the evening especially by the time twilight ends and I'm usually up early anyway. Weather was a bit iffy this morning but I had another go this time on Saturn but there was too much moving cloud to do anything serious. A grab and go small refractor is great for short sessions as it cools quick and can bet setup and taken down fast.
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