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IR Mod for Dummies

I modded my old Konica Minolta 7D DSLR. Still fully functional it was unused and worthless so if it didn't work no major loss. I have used it on the scopes before but it has amp glow in one corner and is only 6 meg.

Things you'll need are:
A large handled fine tip screwdriver. You will find Jewellers screwdrivers won't shift the long threaded screws in cameras. Also why you need CRC. Most cameras use miniature Phillips head screws. I was lucky, my big compendium of bits had a tip to fit a magnetic handle which was also useful.
Some darn good lighting, long tweezers, a small flat handled screwdriver as a pry bar, a few drops of CRC, and an antistatic mat is a good idea. As much as to keep all the parts in one clean place as reduce the risk of static damage.
Here's a few pix of the camera before I started. Note, a lot of tiny screws in the bottom, a few at top rear and some on the sides, not visible here.

Back off first:
I started on the bottom but found I was getting nowhere so added a drop of CRC to each screw head and left 24 hours.
I also pulled off the rubber base mat and cut through the serial number sticker which acts as a warranty seal. This thing is WELL out of warranty.
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