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Alert - possible you may see an aurora saturday/sunday

g'day all

a significant solar flare (m6.5) has produced a earth-directed
coronal mass ejection that is predicted to arrive on late saturday
night (13th) or early sunday morning (14th). The australian ips has
issued a geomagnetic storm alert and an aurora advisory.
Geomagnetic activity forecast
13 apr: Quiet to major storm
14 apr: Major storm then down to unsettled

aurora are possible for at least tasmanian and southern new zealand.
Southern victoria, southern sa and the southern tip of wa should also
be on the lookout. In the last storm, aurora were photographed
(although not visible to the unaided eye) in northern nsw. However,
although this is a major cme, with favorable magnetic properties, it
still could be a fizzer.

The cme will arrive after the thin crescent moon has set, so
conditions should be ideal for observing aurora, should the
geomagnetic storm set them off. As usual, look to the south for
unusual glows, colours and arcs of light. Dark sky sites have the
best chance of seeing anything. Images of the previous storm are in
the link below, for reference.

cheers! Ian (on the 13th, 14th and 15th the thin crescent moon near
jupiter will look quite nice, with the best views on the 14th)

yes guys if you made it up the mountain to log on then pass this on the other iisers there
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