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Hi Rob,

Had a run with a friends QHY8 at SPSP (see achromat image on chinese mount post on deep sky part of forum). It did drain the battery but boy was it good! They are very low noise.

A few points in discussion with Ken the owner
- you need to add in the cost of 12V power supply with the digital camera (they dont go long on batteries) and possibly a baader mod (close to same price?)
- no dark frames so more time to image.
Although I guess you may want to factor in a heavy duty battery!

I was very impressed but may end up going down a 450D/?40D path as our digital camera is on the way out anyway (but probably wont go the mod).
If I wasnt Id be pretty happy with a QHY8. Of course you keep seeing great results with the 40Ds too.

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