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You guys arent doing much looking, and really should. If you guys did, then you would have found out that the QHY-8 comes with Maxim DL, Astroart, CCDsoft, Video capture and streaming, and Linux drivers. We couldnt get the kitchen sink in there. We hope to on the next version !.

As for Icing Up, its not ice. The camera attached to a scope will not produce any problems. What can occur depending on humidity and ambient temp, is when you place a reducer and filter with a spacer and mount it to to camera, the the air inside the spacer is now sealed. What happens now is the very cold sealed chamber of the CCD, will of course attract the warmer air inside the sealed spacer, and thus will dew a tiny spot on the outside of the chamber. This has occured to some people around the world. Some place a small dew heater around the spacer when they need to use a reduer or have high humidity.
But if procedure is followed and the items are placed inside a sealed box and the desicant is applied to them (Including the reducer and spacer) it will dry the air and prevent this happening.
Others just reduce the current to the peltier cooling and this also prevents any dewing within the spacer/reducer.
But the camera on its own attached to the scope will NOT dew, as the air is circulated within a larger area as apposed to a small air trap caused by sealing the air with an external filter or reducer.

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