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Wow Theo, our posts crossed! I'll edit mine a bit!

Yes, with the QHY8 I think I would take a few master darks. Why short-cut things after spending $2440 on a camera, I'd want the best results possible.

True, the QHY8 does not have regulated cooling. How important is regulated cooling, and I wonder if regulation could be added later? Theo-The noise is so low anyway that regulation is not really important.

What capture software would one use with a QHY8, and what would it cost?

Centralads have the cooled astro 400d for USD2150 including shipping. We'd still have to pay duty/GST on arrival in Australia, so the QHY8 costs less.

Is condensation an issue with a cooled DSLR? Houghy?

So many things to consider!


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