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QHY8 or modded 40d?

OK everyone,

I'd like to get a new camera, exclusively for astro imaging. My field time is limited, and my skies not totally black, so a single shot colour camera would seem to be the best option for now.
In my price range are a modded 40d
a QHY8 cooled ccd.
The QHY8 has almost no dark noise and good spectral response, but it uses a lot of power, 12V at 4A means I'll need a car battery to run the set-up when I'm away from mains power.
The 40d with a Hutech or Baader mod is practical too, the images on these forums speak for themselves, but the cooled ccd should have better signal to noise.

I've seen a few discussions on IIS about the merits of CCD vs DSLR, but I can't find much on the QHY8, which would seem to be the best alternative to a DSLR. (A DSLR killer??)

There is a wealth of experience on IIS. Please, let's start a bit of a discussion about the QHY8 vs the modded 40d, post some images, talk about the pros and cons of each. It could be interesting...



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