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Originally Posted by leon View Post
Copying a phot out of the paper

Hi Guys, there is a photo in the Herald Sun, Sunday edition that relates to a family member, I would like to copy this photo for my own personal use only but it wont let me.
Is there a way to do this.
I know it is not my photo but it would be a nice keep sake for future reference.

Hi Leon,

I don't know about paper, but here's a method to save an online image, where that facility seems unavailable....

1. Enlarge the image to the greatest extent possible on your monitor, whether it is by clicking on the thumbnail of the image or the "+" sign you sometimes see with images to make it as large as you can by that means.

2. IF the image is the Full Size of the monitor THEN - GOTO step 3, otherwise:
HOLD down the CTRL key whilst at the same time press the "+" key once. Each time you press the + key the image will increase in size by one step. Keep doing this until the image fills the screen as much as possible (in one direction- either vertically or horizontally). This is in order to maximise the replicated resolution of your image.

3. Press the PRT Sc (Print Screen) Key on your keyboard. Depending on your Keyboard it's often above the Home and End Key Block on a full number pad type keyboard. Doing his copies whatever is on the screen to the clipboard.

4. Open an application like Microsoft Paint or Microsoft Word and then PASTE the image (saved on your clipboard) into the application using the PASTE icon in the application or pressing CTRL-V. Then if in MS Paint, save that image as a JPEG or if in Word, save it in whatever form you desire.

Hey presto ... Done.
Have Fun

Or if it's really a Paper, .....get your camera out

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