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Originally Posted by Mavspace View Post
Thanks Bob ! I'd definitely recommend the Redcat 51 its an amazing scope with so much potential. I have just received a HEQ5 so I'm dying to see the images I can get with better guiding and more stability. What camera are you using ? I had a 533MC before the 294MC and I can confidently state the 294MC sings with the Redcat a lot better...
The image is heavily cropped ..I'll try and upload the full image with stars for comparison.

Cool as Ice, Paul, thanx for all that, interesting the 294 having larger pixels than the 533,, I'll have brush up on pixle resolutions & image scale again ,, mainly because havent had a scope or astro camera for a couple/few years now, so I'm only using the Canon 6D II with 5.67 Ám pixels, quite large but fantastic for dynamic range
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