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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
Now I am wondering even more if this is really the difference between a Starlight Express AO unit and an SBIG one. From what little I gather about the SX unit it seems 10hz corrections are unlikely although they do have the new Lodestar which is 2X more sensitive than the old one which was about the most sensitive guide camera around.

I have the Lodestar X2 and its a lot more sensitive than the lodestar which I had previously.
with the X2 and my Orion AO, I get atleast 5 stars with good SNR almost anywhere in the sky with 100 to 250ms exposures. with bin 2x2, SNR improves. but its very clean and hassle free.

Here's a quick 3min test of my Orion AO, at 3Hz. Stars are elongated due to bad collimation.
and this was without a single mount correction.

my OTA has a lot of flexure so the AO certainly helped reducing the size of the stars and dropped my fwhm, primary benefit that I can see are improvements of an average mount and bad OTA.
Hoping to do some more tests and exposures this week.

the Orion has a Maxim plugin so everything is done from within Maxim which helps a lot.

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