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Perhaps it would help to set out a mudmap of when (I think) single star guided AO probably makes sense and when it is counterproductive. The graphics will not win any awards, but show the general idea - it is a best guess distillation of the little that I know about how AO works and what others have noted. The shaded area has been tested as reported on in this thread. Other areas will be tested if possible when conditions allow, in an attempt to validate that which is currently based on anecdote and surmise. Maybe this is a bit of a Quixotic approach, but hey, this is a fun hobby, so why not.

The results of the current test should be read in the context of the attached diagram - this is not intended to be a blanket condemnation of AO, nor of the SX unit, just a demonstration of what happens under one of the sets of conditions in which AO is not beneficial.
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