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Originally Posted by Camelopardalis View Post
I'm not a great herd follower, so this is just MO and not those of the management, but I don't see the point in locking a thread in a "discussion" board when folk are still getting useful information from it Personally I've found it very interesting watching this develop and still seems a bit early days from my point of view, if only 3 IISers have put their hand up to blaze the trail
I don't think i was suggesting locking the IIS thread now, or in the near term. This is a much smaller pond but in some ways were ahead of what they are actually accomplishing over there because we can actually get cameras ex-stock and our weather and skies are better.

Clearing here now, so i am heading back to NGC6188 tonight, running 300" subs over the last few clear nights, and the histogram looks much better, no need to scrape data off the floor.

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