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Originally Posted by glend View Post
Jon Rista, writing in the CN beta test thread, has put up some graphic data on stacking effectiveness (SNR) with this camera.

Link here:

And he has also suggested a Gain 75 "Sweet Spot" giving almost exactly 12 stops of dynamic range, with 2.05e-/ADU gain and 2.05e- RN, with a 8402e- FWC.

Link here, with data:
I think that Jon's analysis applies to the individual subs and will do fine for stacks as well. However, I don't think that there is actually a single sweet spot. sorry for reposting, but the attached table shows that, by choosing appropriate sub length you can get almost identical broadband stacked SNR and stacked well depth for any gain up to at least 100. It is only at the highest gains that the stacked well depth begins to drop off, but even then, a choice could be made on the basis that a bit of performance could be given up in return for the advantages of very short subs. ie, choose whatever subs length you think appropriate (for resolution, tracking, data processing load or whatever) and then select right gain to get the best possible performance - it really is a very flexible camera.
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